As an interdisciplinary team of innovators, we aim to develop a modular kitchen-universe which is targeted towards the vegan lifestyle.

We aim to work on that project in a cooperative way, where every member offers its knowledge and skills in order to reach the best possible outcome for everyone involved. The project and all activities will be 100% self-funded (Ben will get a fair price to payoff the final prototype). We may think about getting some subsidies from foundations, patrons or awards, but won’t rely on those kind of money.


Vegan lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The total number of vegans living in Germany is unclear as current surveys only refer to vegetarians, however according to most publications, the number of vegans in Germany is estimated at about 500,000 to 800,000 people. Similarly, in the USA about 1.1% of the population live a vegan lifestyle. Since 2012, Germany is fast becoming one of the largest markets (in percentage) for people having a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Veganism as a fundamentally different philosophy of nutrition and food preparation has already manifested itself, mostly in major cities, through special retail concepts, restaurants, cafes, books and media. Apart from these, only the market for private kitchen interiors is overlooked when it comes to suitable solutions.

It’s not only the change in food culture that demands more flexible, customer-oriented solutions for a specific target group. Examples of this including the higher frequency of people moving house and relocating, the growing popularity of “using instead of owning”, as well as trends towards working from home are demanding an improved kitchen interior.

The household appliance and kitchen industry seems to overlook this new progression by traditionally concentrating on aesthetic trends and technological innovations. The standard kitchen set-up containing a large fridge, four stovetops, an oven, a microwave and possibly an automatic coffee machine may meet the basic needs of a conventional meat-based diet. In contrast, what vegans need to prepare a meal is different in many ways.

This is exactly what Ben’s problem was, when we first talked to him about our idea. Ben lives and works in an apartment in Barcelona together with his wife. They are both vegan and are currently on the lookout for someone who is able to offer them a suitable solution for their lifestyle. He will be our archetypical user – our expert – and our sparring partner for bringing the idea of a new contemporary kitchen-universe which complements a vegan lifestyle to life.