Vegan Cooking Session

On March 21st our Hamburg based Team-Members attended an evening cooking session at the KURKUMA cooking-school.

Under the guidance of Roman (owner of Kurkuma) and Holger, each participant was cooking a dish. Afterwards the creations were eaten and evaluated together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our findings from this evening:

The variety of different tastes and textures is by no means lower in vegan cuisine. On the contrary: The vegan dishes enlivened by the interplay of sweet fruit with bitter and sour ingredients. Blended Sauces with great smoothness harmonized remarkably well with the crisp sauteed vegetables.
At least one Power Mixer is an indispensable tool for the preparation of vegan dishes. Should it therefore be the center of the kitchen? Instead of an oven or a baking pipe as in the conventional kitchen-layout.




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