VeggieWorld Hamburg

On saturday Holger and I had the chance to visite the oldest and largest european fair „Veggie World“ in Hamburg. 80 exhibitors from all areas of the vegan lifestyle inspired thousands of visitors.

After gathering some impressions it became clear that there are two different types of vegans. One group is curious about the currently booming trend of veganism and wants to check out the boundless possibilities. A good example is the „fake“ meat production like sausages. Also turkish cooks start to seize their opportunities and sell vegan Döner or Börek.

In contrast there are vegans who set their priority in some other points. For them the word vegan does not only mean preventing the exploitation of animals, instead they are commited to a vegan lifestyle and are fundamentally ethically motivated. They want to cook by themselves with fresh and regional ingredients and are also mindful of vegan kosmetics or clothes. From recycling their household rubbish to cycling to work, they give their best to live a greener life and to look after our planet. For me it was nice to see how people support the vegan way of life with such a passion.

After trying every kind of food, from delicious pasta made out of lentils to fruity vegan icecream, it was time to examine all the cooking appliances. The fair assistants presented juice extracotors, dehydrators and blenders. I noticed that all this machines are really huge built and take a lot of space. Of course this is due to the high-performance engines and all the functions included. For example the „Vitamix“ blender has 10 functions in one appliance. But it cannot be denied that all this big devices are extreme power guzzlers and consume a lot of energy. Most blending jars can hold up to two litres of liquids and so the machine has to invest a great deal of energy even if you are making a small smoothie. In addition the cleaning of some appliances is a time consuming procedure with the consequence of a very high water consumption. One juice extractor needs about 1.5 litres of water to be cleaned. This sounds not very eco-friendly to me and I am sure vegans are not happy with this. I ask myself the question how needfull this big appliances are and if there is an alternative. All the vitamins and enzymes are also released in the stomach when we eat unprocessed fruit and vegetables. Certainly human kind was not born with a blender in one‘s hand and for sure there are a lot of more possibilities.

By all means veganism is a strong movement and continues to increase in popularity. It is worth to pay attention to this topic and think about improvements.Veganism and the sense of sustainability is not a short hype, it is a long-term development.

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