As an interdisciplinary team of innovators, we aim to develop a modular kitchen universe which is targeted towards the vegan lifestyle.

What we want to achieve

A constantly changing food culture demands more flexible, customer-oriented solutions for a specific target group.

What’s missing

The household appliance and kitchen industry seems to overlook new progressions like veganism by traditionally concentrating on aesthetic trends and technological innovations.

Who’s in

We are designers, journalists, artists, scientists from Austria, Australia, Germany, Sweden. We work together in a cooperative way, where every member offers its knowledge and skills in order to reach the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Ben lives and works in an apartment in Barcelona together with his wife. He will be our archetypical user – our expert – and our sparring partner for bringing the idea to life.

What’s the result

What vegans need to prepare a meal is different in many ways. Our achievement could be the invention of a new household appliance, an innovative kitchen set-up or a total new technology for food preparation. Stay hungry with us for everything that may come along.

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the idea

A new contemporary kitchen universe which complements the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The total number of vegans living in Germany is unclear as current surveys only refer to vegetarians, however according to most publications, the number of vegans in Germany is estimated at about 500,000 to 800,000 people. Similarly, in the USA about 1.1% of the population live a vegan lifestyle. Since 2012, Germany is fast becoming one of the largest markets (in percentage) for people having a vegetarian or vegan diet. Veganism as a fundamentally different philosophy of nutrition and food preparation has already manifested itself, mostly in major cities, through special retail concepts, restaurants, cafes, books and media.

the innovators

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Designer, Hamburg
Experienced in graphic designs and the world of advertising. Together with his team at ‘Mutter’ he develops brands which really trigger a human connection.
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Christian Schüten

Designer, Hamburg
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Designer, Hamburg
Bridges the gap between theory and practice. Works as a designer and brand-developer for international brands.
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Ben Dame

founder & Ceo, Seattle, Barcelona
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Holger Dankenbrink

Owner & Chef de Cuisine, Restaurant COX, Hamburg
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Carl Eriksson

Designer, Hamburg
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Eva Buck

Designer, Hamburg
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Barry Crone

Director at UNO Australia, Melbourne
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Marlene Dietrich

Student at University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg
Marlene is a design and product management student full of curiosity and creativeness. Focusing on her favourite subject, the research, she wants to achieve the best for the team and the kitchen project.
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Henric Ernstson

Biologist, Höbacka, Sweden
Henric is working as independent consult focused on the precautionary principle in the planning and building process. He has unique competence from the building process and material choice in building processes.
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Hannah Müßener

energy and sustainble management, Darmstadt
Hannah is studying energy and sustainable management in Darmstadt with the focus of sustainable product design. During an internship at the design agency „Mother“ she dealed with the topics veganism, cradle to cradle, recyclable materials, innovative product design, modern shapes and created a potential kitchen design.
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Julia Kaiser

Productinteriorconcept Design
Julia’s inspiration are the everyday life of the nowadays, cultural techniques of the pre-industrial agrarian subsistence economy and art. Her motivation is it to find new solutions or concepts, but always with the existing culture and the environment in my mind.
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Merle Neumann

Interiordesigner, Hamburg
Merle just finished her bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and is now involved in the aim to design an actual form, coming together out of all the research and ideas before.

stay hungry with us

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